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But a show quality rabbit is showable, meaning it can be shown without getting DQ'ed, but it will also do well, depending on the other rabbits being shown. It may get 1st.

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Blue (dilute of Black) GC Bundles of Bunnies Jelly Bean, Blue Mini Lop GC Bundles of Bunnies Blueberry, Blue Polish Floppy Trails Edgar, Blue Holland Lop Chocolate GC Bundles of Bunnies Godiva, Chocolate Polish Lilac (dilute of Chocolate) Bundles of Bunnies Beatrice, Lilac Polish doe Bundles of Bunnies Crunch, Lilac Holland Lop Buck.

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Holland Lops. Holland lops are my favorite With their chubby cheeks, small size and heartwarming personalities, these guys are my main focus in the rabbitry. Holland lops range from 2-4 lbs and are the perfect pets for children. These rabbits are truly perfect. I specialize in Blue-Eyed White hollands, a rare and beautiful color.

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sable points, which are not showable. Blue, sable point, siamese Black Black, blue Smoke Pearl sable, smoke pearl Blue Blue Chocolate Black, blue, chocolate, lilac Lilac Bliue, lilac Any Tort bliue, blue tort Any Otter black, black otter, blue, blue otter Black, black otter, blue, blue otter, Any Martin martin, blue martin Page 2 f Sheet1.

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In 1947, several English breeders were gifted with 9 offspring 1 agouti, 2 black, 2 blue, 1 sable, 1 blue-eyed white, and 2 red-eyed-white. In only 3 years, the British Rabbit Council recognized the new breed. Netherland Dwarfs flew out of.

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Harlequin&x27;s are NOT showable. Tri-Colors are shown as Brokens, but I put them here since they are sort of unique. Click to see full answer Considering this, what is a Harlequin Holland Lop Harlequin as a color in rabbits, including Mini Lops is an alternating pattern of either black and orange or white and black. It is similar to tortoiseshell.

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Color is to be a bright reddish sorrel, but not so dark as to reach mahogany red. Color shall carry as deep down the hair shaft as possible. The belly color may be somewhat lighter in shade, approaching a deep creamy cast. White on the underside of the tail IS permitted. Eyes Brown." Kit at the top is a Red.

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Focusing on Holland Lops & American Teddy Lops as Family Companions. At Seattle Holland Lops we strive to produce the highest quality rabbits in the North West United States. We are a licensed & registered business with the city of Seattle. All of our rabbits live indoors, are fed organic feed and supplements, and handled every single day.

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Holland Lop Color Breeding Chart I created this chart to help answer the question, "what can I breed to this color" or, "what colors work well together What colors should not be bred together". blue-grey it will not be showable. The color can be so dense that they look like normal seals. Blue Points are NOT showable. Siamese Sable.

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But a show quality rabbit is showable, meaning it can be shown without getting DQ&x27;ed, but it will also do well, depending on the other rabbits being shown. It may get 1st place, BOB or BIS. Just because a rabbit CAN be shown, doesn&x27;t necessarily mean that it SHOULD be. A rabbit that is a proper representation of its breed should be shown.

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(Dont know if your Holland Lops color is Showable or not Showable, come find out here) (Showable Holland Lop Colors) (These colors are recognized by ARBA & OLRCB and can.

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Holland-Lop-Color-Chart-Draft-1 - View presentation slides online. Rabbit. Rabbit. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. en Change Language. close menu.
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Thank you for visiting KH Lops. KH Lops Rabbitry. We are a small family run rabbitry focusing on Holland Lops. We started out with 2 hollands as 4-h projects and fell in love with the breed. Hollands have wonderful temperaments and can make loving pets. Our rabbits are our pets and handled daily, the more attention you give your bunny the nicer.

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Self Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, BEW (Blue Eyed White) & REW (Ruby Eyed White) Black Color is to be a rich lustrious black, running deep down the hair shaft to a slate blue undercolor. Eyes Brown. Blue Color is to be a.

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The venture was long and challenging but ultimately, rewarding as the breed was recognized by the ARBA in 1979. Today the Holland Lop is one of the top five most popular.

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Holland Lops are the smallest lop-eared breed, weighing only 3-5 pounds when fully grown. Males are almost always lighter than females, and often weigh no more that 4 pounds when completely matured. Females usually weigh 4-5 pounds when fully grown. However, this is not always the case, as one of my full-grown females weighs just over 3 pounds.

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If interested in a showable color, we have those too Personality wise, Holland Lops are winners Much like their Mini Plush Lop relatives, Holland lops are docile, sweet and mellow tempered, especially when socialized at a young age with their people family. Unlike a Mini Plush Lop, Hollands do shed, much like a house cat.

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Thank you for visiting KH Lops. KH Lops Rabbitry. We are a small family run rabbitry focusing on Holland Lops. We started out with 2 hollands as 4-h projects and fell in love with the breed. Hollands have wonderful temperaments and can make loving pets. Our rabbits are our pets and handled daily, the more attention you give your bunny the nicer.

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We have Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, and Holland Lops for sale in Loveland Colorado at Wrens Sweetheart Bunnies Rabbitry . Sweetheart Bunnies is no longer in business. Here is a list of my friends that have all of the bunnies I had. Lops To Love . Bloink&x27;s Blessed Bunnies.

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Part of the charm of the Holland Lop is the variety of colors available in the breed. Numerous colors are available across several groups. The following is a list of the recognized colors that are eligible for show Self Group Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Ruby-Eyed White, Blue-Eyed White.

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The coloring standards follow the English Lop color guidelines very closely. Many of the colors are missing photos, so if you have a photo we may use for that specific color, please feel free to send it to us We photo credit any photos sent in for our guide. Please note Not all colors listed in this color guide are showableaccepted.

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Orange Holland Lop . Orange - Color should be a rich, bright orange on the body, running down into the flanks. Under color, eyes circles, underside of tail, and belly are to be white. Eyes - Brown. Faults - Blotches, streaks or smut. Bluish tinge to the under color. Not showable in any breed except the Harlequin breed.

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Bred to a black that doesn't carry tort (which is something you can't guarantee in life, especially in hollands) you'd get 50 black otter, 50 black. Bred to a black that carries tort (which is more likely in holland lops) you'd get about.

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Newborn sable points may be born pink, but will have obvious dark eyes under their closed eyelids. They can vary from silvery white to grey to brownish as their fur starts to grow in. Their point color will usually become obvious at a few days old. NESTBOX Once fully furred, sable point kits will often be brownish over their hips and back.

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The Mini Lop is similar to, but much smaller than its relative, the French Lop, a breed which has no maximum weight limit and often reaches 10 to 12 pounds. What color Holland Lop should I get The most common color in holland lops, Black torts are well developed and easy to find in good form. Though they may appear to be shaded, they do not.

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Charlies have a double "broken" gene, so they have less than 10 color and are not showable. Usually lacking a butterfly (see below) Commonly confused with broken, tri-color Can be any color with white. Holland Lop) was provided by Furry Fireside Friends Sometimes appear to be "dutch" marked, other times have a very small amount of white.

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Thank you for visiting KH Lops. KH Lops Rabbitry. We are a small family run rabbitry focusing on Holland Lops. We started out with 2 hollands as 4-h projects and fell in love with the breed. Hollands have wonderful temperaments and can make loving pets. Our rabbits are our pets and handled daily, the more attention you give your bunny the nicer.
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(dont know if your holland lops color is showable or not showable, come find out here) (showable holland lop colors) (these colors are recognized by arba & olrcb and can be shown in both solid or broken) (self group) black (aabcde) (eyes brown) blue (aabcdde) (eyes blue-gray) lilac (aa bb c dd e) (eyes blue-gray) on aug 14, 2003.
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Blue Eyed White Holland Lop Buck (SPH&x27;s Cotton) When starting the breeding portion of your BEW program, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1-Breeding BEW to BEW will result in 100 BEW offspring, but from what I&x27;ve seen, these offspring will not be an improvement from their parents.

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The only varieties that are recognized are Ruby Eyed White (REW) and Tortoise (Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac). Several varieties and colors such as Blue Eyed White, Chocolate, Sable Point, Seal, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Point are in what they Certification of Development, this means that these variety could be accepted and.
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Color is to be a rich golden color on the saddle running down the flanks. Color is to run well down the hair shaft to a near white undercolor. Chest Color is to match the flank color. head and top of tail are to be fawn. Eye circles, inside of ears, underside of jowls, underside of tail and belly are to be white.

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Lop Color Chart These are all colors I have come across. I will try to put a note as to whether or not they are recognized showable colors by the ARBA. You can see the color names by clicking on the image. The full sized image has the color name and the recognizability by the ARBA.
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Holland Lops come in many beautiful colors - chocolates, blues, oranges, sable points, smoke pearls, blue-eyed whites and the list goes on. However, the most established color of Holland Lops is black tort.

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Pointed whites are one of the rarest color categories for Holland Lops. They have white bodies, ruby-red eyes, and dark point markings on their noses, ears, feet, and tails. 21. Black-Pointed White Black pointed whites have dark brown or black-point markings. 22. Blue-Pointed White.

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